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Lynxforce Protection Services is a London based company providing premier security services throughout UK.

Lynxforce is a dynamic and innovative company committed to provide Security solutions to both our clients and candidates. Our mission at Lynxforce is to deliver the highest level of service to our clients whilst offering a complete cost effective Security Solution.

We believe security should be: knowledgeable not uninformed, approachable not intimidating, presentable not untidy and strong not overbearing. All these attributes combined with comprehensive training and SIA licensed officers are at the core of our business.

We employ a multi-skilled range of security professionals across the board who we have hand-picked since our inception. All our applicants are subject to demonstrable experience in their field, a thorough interview and background check and continuous training with our Operations Officer who further assesses their ability.

All of our services are available across a range of industries including the retail outlets, construction sites, corporate sector and events.



We deliver security specialists across the board. Each project is unique and we take pride in finding and training the right people for each role at the right price. Through our relationships within the industry we have built up a network of partnerships that can provide for all your needs from CCTV cameras and surveillance to canine services.

We undertake permanent or temporary manned guarding contracts across the UK and deploy fully licensed quality guards on single or multiple sites for a diverse range of market sectors.

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Lynxforce Protection Services​

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